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Design Options

Your home should fit your personality.

Don’t feel boxed in to one style of construction. We can convert any plan into a style that matches your personality. Choose from one of our Featured Home Plans, or bring us your ideas and we’ll gladly design a home just for you.
Log Homes/Timber Frames – Building with milled logs of various styles (ex. D-log, round, square, etc.) and timber roof and floor systems. Lots of wood!
Conventional Framed or “Stick Built” – Building with standard framing lumber and assembling all components on site. The exteriors can be wood, brick, vinyl, stucco, or any combination.
Hybrid – A combination of building styles, a hybrid can be log and conventional frame, SIP and Conventional frame, or SIP and Timber Framed. Whatever the mix, a hybrid usually brings the best use of each element for a unique look, maximizing performance and giving a personal style.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact us at 423-768-3800, email us, or use our contact form.